Today is the first day of the rest of my life, so I’ll begin it tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my today. We live in a strange, semi-post lockdown world here in the UK; I have been at home for nearly a month doing online career courses and eating my through my disposable income in the pretence that tomorrow I will become the person that I believe I am, deep down inside.

On Wednesday I had my second jab and I’ve recently had the all clear regarding a previous health condition that caused me fatigue and problems with breathing. I have literally no excuse not to maintain a regular fitness schedule or eat sensibly while I’ve been at home, but here I am having eaten enough Chinese food for a small family.

So I’ve decided to commit myself. I am going to share all of my failures and hopefully massive success with the world wide web and hopefully, by the time I’m 50 (not far away at all) I will be functioning as a well adjusted, stable adult at the peak of physical fitness. Bring it on.

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